Vondel Lekt

Vondel Lekt takes you on a statue tour in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. The app gives a voice to every statue in the park.

The statue at the entrance of the park is inviting you, a bit unfriendly, to visit the park, Vondel himself is complaining on his chair and you’ll discover a boy and girl teasing each other underneath the Vondel bridge.

HearUsHere & bluetooth

Visitors of the park take part of the story, unexpected. Every Bluetooth signal becomes a ‘walking story’. This way the creators of the app want to use the busy park and the many tourists, dog owners, joggers, parents and junks are all part of your experience.


This project is created inside the ‘Torenkamer’ of the VondelCS building inside the Vondelpark. This is a project of ‘Opium op 4’ of AVROTROS. Read about the project and process on the blog.

This is a project of Klasien van de Zandschulp and Merel Willemsen.
Audio advice and editting: Mark Meeuwenoord
Development: HearUsHere (James Bryan Graves, Klasien van de Zandschulp en Arjan Scherpenisse)
Video: Daniela Paes Leao
Actors: Marjolein Fennis en Filianne Farigu
Voice actors: Ceciel van Groenestijn, Derk Jolink, Emmanuelle en Adam Ornon, Erik van ‘t Goede Leven, Ester Eij, Flora van Gaalen, Heleen van Lier, Irene den Hartoog, Irheen de Vries, John Cees Smit, Mark Meeuwenoord, Saskia Beer, Tabitha Kane, Tina de Bruin, Roeland P. Landegent, Roel van den Ende, Zoë Uyens. 
Harp: Gwyneth Wentink