Last words

'Last Words' is an audio walk through the Amsterdam Forest.

'Last words' is a family story and tells the paths of different characters of a family. The user is deciding on the order of this story by choosing his path through the woods. During the walk through the park the crossings will provide options to find clues and follow the thoughts of the different family members. Slowly but gradually the family history reveals the darker sides of dad, grandpa, colonel Ebeling. 

HearUsHere created a specific app for this project with different functionalities. There are 4 characters who tell their story, these 4 story lines are cut up in 5 chapters. Each stories is located on different paths in the Amsterdamse Bos. You can choose a direction at every crossroad, which determines the order of the story. The stories are nonlinear this way, but every time a path of a certain character is chosen, the order of the story of this character is chronologically. Every character is guided by a specific soundscape to give you little hints at crossroads where to go to follow a specific character. When you enter a crossroad, you can hear the soundscapes of the other characters crossing.

Mixing a non linear way of storytelling with a linear way, by keeping up with a certain order of the story lines of the characters, is a new way for a storyteller to keep a limited amount of control. The order of the different story lines is decided by the user of the app, and this can become a very different experience for anyone.

Launch: May 31st 2015
With a special performance by De Kift!


With the help of De Kift and with the voices of:
Ferry Heijne as narrator
Loes Luca as Carlotta 
Sanne den Hartog as Jason
Tamara Schoppert as Helga 

Text: Pauline Genee  (Querido)
Director & concept: Udo Prinsen, Carambolas Films 
Music: Martin Fondse 

Last words was created in the framework of Literature on screen, a program by Creative Industries Fund and Dutch Foundation for Literature 
Other financial funds were granted by Carel Nengerman Fonds en the Amsterdam Forest

Foundation Paul Mijksenaar supported us with their inspiratioon, insights and rich archives full of scientific writings about wayfinding in the world we live.