Klein Leed

'Klein leed’ is a gnome-app for adults that places you in the midst of a fairy tale. Apparently gnomes were seen in the Tolhuistuin, you can find them by listening carefully to their sounds.

For years they had a great family together. But the advent of Snow White has driven a wedge between the friends and now they eat separately in small groups. Find the gnomes in the garden and if you walk around you can see them and listen to their conversations. Gossip and slander, but also time for confessions.

You can still listen to the story of ‘Klein Leed’ when the Tolhuistuin is opened. Check the website of the Tolhuistuin to view the updated opening hours.

Concept, scenario: Wolke Kluppell
Production: hierendaareenwolk
Voices: Bart Klever, Wieger Windhorst, Wolke Kluppell
Sound studio: Boon&Booy