An augmented audio app through the Van der Pekbuurt with stories by artists and neighbors from the KijkRuimte archives. The stories are about how a social housing district needs to make way for renewal and about the impact of the restructuring process on daily life in the neighborhood.

The creators of this app want you to experience the Van der Pekbuurt in an augmented way. While walking you get entangled with physical reality as you hear the people you see while walking around, and you see the changes of the neighborhood around you. When you walk towards a specific sound, the volume will increase as you get closer. By walking towards and away from the sounds you are composing a unique audio tour and constructing your own perception of the neighborhood in transition.

The project was launched at KijkRuimte together with a special performance of Dinggoo and an interactive installation in the space that showed a simplified drawing of the map with a real-time visualisation of the listeners of the app.