Extrapool Augmented Sounds

Extrapool is a space and production house in Nijmegen in the field of sound, art and print. Extrapool and HearUsHere started a collaboration by creating the first app of Extrapool. With this app you hear location specific sounds in the centre of Nijmegen. When you download the app and put on your headphones, you can create your own composition, by changing your route.

More information about the creation process on the Extrapool blog

Ralf GerritseDotlights and Strapatsen, who are part of ‘Nieuwe Electronische Waar' (N.E.W.), designed location specific sounds with us. These sounds are there to create your very own soundtrack of the city. They used the history and architecture of the location as inspiration of their sound works.

The project was launched together with presentations and performances at Extrapool and Oddstream Festival 2014.