Unfortunately we decided to stop maintaining the HearUsHere platform as it became too expensive to keep it alive conform the requirements of iOS and Android.


HearUsHere allows us to create location based stories to your city or iBeacon enabled objects and buildings in a simple way. We work together with artists, institutions, museums, sound artists, storytellers, etc., and always looking for new challenges! Please contact us to explore the possibilities.

App design

The app is designed that way, that you need to use your hearing as navigation. The interface is intentionally designed as simple as possible, it's only a region on a map with a start button. When you start the project, you can walk towards the sounds or stories you want to hear, approaching them will increase volume. Sounds can overlap, that way you can create (cross) fades yourself by changing location.

The app is created for non-linear and location based storytelling which allows new narratives to arise. 


Users can experience a project with either iOS or Android and a pair of headphones.

HearUsHere works for iPhone 4 and higher, Android version 4 and higher. Sounds can be triggered by GPS locations and iBeacon / Bluetooth. iBeacon triggers only work with iPhone 4s and higher.

Try it

Download the free HearUsHere app and choose one of the projects. Go to the location region and press start. Once you started you can put your phone back in your pocket and the sounds will adjust automatically to your location.




UX design / audio recording and mapping
Klasien van de Zandschulp 

James Bryan Graves
Arjan Scherpenisse

Sound artist and advisor
Mark Meeuwenoord